Forget ALL of the cliché religious ideas that you've heard about heaven.


Heaven is THE MOST ADVANCED civilization in the Cosmos, and it's people are called angels.


Heaven existed long before human beings rose from the muck, and heaven is NOT a retirement haven for human beings.


Human beings are meat eating predatory animals.


Heaven and earth are opposing worlds. 


Human beings are NOT permitted into heaven because they are CONTRARY to heaven.


The only pathway for human beings to get into heaven requires us to be physically and spiritually changed from corruptible temporary human beings to incorruptible eternal angels.  


In time, the human race will be extinct, and this planet will be consumed by the sun.


The perception that heaven is a retirement haven for the upstanding citizens of earth is a foolish idea that is perpetuated by the donation seeking business of religion.


For thousands of years, humanity has been deceived by the business of religion.


Long before human beings were formed, there was a great battle of ideologies in HEAVEN.   


Two-thirds of the angels believed in a perfect system of infinite HEAVENLY LOVE but the other third were dominating individuals who believed that a competitive survival of the fittest system would be better for the cosmos.   


The one-third were wrong!   So they were banished from heaven and cast down to EARTH where they could practice and demonstrate their flawed ideology.


Lucifer is NOT the cliché monster that your religious leaders have made him out to be.   


One-third of the beings from the most advanced civilization in the Cosmos did not follow a ridiculous red horned halloween monster.


In heaven, Lucifer and his angels appeared righteous because they sincerely believed that they were righteous.   


Likewise on earth, Lucifer's people seem righteous because they sincerely believe that they are right.


The Bible clearly states that Satan's people come as "ministers of righteousness".  (2nd Cor 11:15)


And Lucifer is defined as "the god of this world".  (2nd Cor 4:4) 


You and I are trapped on this brutal survival of the fittest planet to experience first hand the pain, the suffering, and all of the injustices that come from the imperfect system that Satan and his angels called for.   Sadly, we not only experience those injustices, we have participated in them, and many of us have benefited from them.


The ancient scriptures are clear that Christ has chosen the weak to shame the strong.   He has chosen the meek to shame the proud.   And He has chose the poor to shame the rich.


Close your carnal eyes and try for just a moment to perceive the perfect heavenly world.   It is an alien world that is completely CONTRARY to the nature of earth.   It is a place where ALL people truly love each other with a heavenly love that is better than the love a human mother has for her own children.   Can you envision a civilization where no one looks over their shoulder in fear because every person truly loves each and every other person more than they love themselves?   The survival of the fittest nature of earth does not exist there.   There is no predator or prey.   No parasites or viruses.   No crime or fear.   No judicial system or police.   No military or wars.   No pain or tears.    No MONEY of any kind.   And absolutely no death whatsoever.   That perfect world of love and peace is so contrary to our survival of the fittest nature, it cannot be fully understood EVEN by the best human minds.


The SIMPLICITY OF CHRIST is a HEAVENLY LOVE so great that the rich do not oppress the poor, and the strong do not dominate the weak.   It is a love so true that people cannot and do not find satisfaction in being better, stronger, faster, richer, smarter, prettier, or more popular than others.   


Perfect heavenly love never desires to be lifted above others.   It does not envy, and it is not easily provoked.   It does not gossip.   It does not backstab.   It does not bully.   And it never lies or deceives.   


Heavenly love is kind.   It is patient, well tempered, longsuffering, forgiving, gentle, and tender-hearted.   It ALWAYS seeks for the gain of others, not for the gain of self.   Perfect heavenly love can only be FULLY experienced between angels who have the Holy Spirit, but it can be partially experienced between repentant human beings who ASK for and receive Christ's Spirit of Love.  


As JESUS said;   You will KNOW my disciples by the LOVE they have for each other.   


It is LOVE, not faith, that clearly distinguishes God's people.   The Bible is clear that without LOVE, faith is worthless.


Two Thousand and thirty-six years ago the King of the Cosmos temporarily stepped down from his heavenly throne to live and die as a man.   But our brutal world despised and rejected him as a fool.   And when the Roman Empire turned to Christianity, it was not the true message they embraced.   Instead, they created and embraced an earthly version of Christianity that makes BELIEVING and donating ten percent of your MONEY more important than LOVE, Hope, and true repentance.   Hope and LOVE are the essence of our faith:   Hope for a new world.   Hope for mercy.   Hope for salvation.   And Hope to, someday, fully experience perfect HEAVENLY LOVE.  


So beware of this world's religious leaders.   They speak of love but within they are led by things that are an abomination to God;  things like money and pride.   They adore this temporary world.   They adore the hierarchy.   They adore the respect that they think they have earned.   Instead of rejecting their nature, they embrace it.   They love to have preeminence and authority over their disciples.   They love to be lifted-up as the most righteous and honorable men.   They love to be considered the wisest and most intelligent men.   But that kind of love is not heavenly, it is earthly.   They adore the TEMPORARY reality that we live in, so let them be.   They are blind leaders of the blind.   And if the blind lead the blind they will both fall into a pit.


The Grand Purpose is the destruction of imperfection, and the creation of a New Perfect Heavenly World.   As it is written;   The powers of heaven will be shaken one last time.   


God is the farmer and we are his lowly plants.   He is growing perfect eternal beings who will never rebel against the perfect truth.   Perhaps it is necessary for God's lowly children to live this imperfect life so that in the Perfect World to come, we will NOT make the same mistakes that Lucifer and his angels made.   We will not fall like they did.   Nor will we fall like Adam did.   Perhaps CHRIST WILL NOT create perfect beings unless and until they first ASK to be made that way.    


I do not claim to have all the answers.   But I am hopeful and thankful for a merciful loving King who sees us NOT just for what we are today but for what we will be after he is finished with his work on us.   He can clearly see through time, and He loves what we will be, so he can forgive us for what we are. 


But heed this warning;  Do not be lifted up.   Be sure that you remain lowly and humble.   Listen carefully to Christ's words about the day of judgment when those who are CONFIDENT that they are saved will learn that they are NOT.    

As Jesus said;   On that day MANY will say to me;   But Lord we have preached in YOUR NAME, and we have done many wonderful works in YOUR NAME?   But Christ will say to them;   Depart from me.   I never knew you.


What is their profound mistake?   The Bible's answer is very precise;   They love this temporary world more than the heavenly world.   And they serve their father (the god of this world), instead of the Eternal Father (The God of  Heaven).


Believing in the NAME of Jesus Christ is clearly not enough.   It is His essence not just the sound of his name that we must embrace.   The scriptures tell us that His name is:  The Word of God.   And His essence can be found within His word.


God is Heavenly Love.    And contrary to popular religion it is impossible to serve both God and this world of money and pride BECAUSE they are contrary to each other.   


As it is written;   Jesus came to deliver his people "from this evil world".  (Galations 1:4)   


Consider your nature as you read the last paragraph of this page.   The words come from the mouth of your Creator.   They are pointed directly at you and humanity as a whole.


Thus saith the Lord;

My thoughts are not your thoughts, and my ways are not your ways.   As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.   All the nations of earth are less than nothing to me.   I am not of your world, and my kingdom is not of your world.   I have chosen the poor to shame the rich.   I have chosen the lowly to shame the proud.   And I have chosen the weak to shame the strong.   Come to me all of you who are exhausted and overburdened by this life, and I will give you rest.   Accept my direction and learn of me, for I am of a lowly and gentle spirit, and you will find rest for your souls.







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