Open your hearts and hear the word of God:


We are not alone in the cosmos, and THE CHRIST is returning very soon.   But this time he will NOT come as a human being.


Three and a half years BEFORE the Return of Christ, an asteroid the size of a mountain will slam into the sea.   The whole planet will shake violently.   Billions will die.  


The great Flying Eagle will fall that day but an old rival will be waiting to fill the power vacuum.


The elite realist leaders of the international private sector will make a new deal with the Russian Government.   Almost overnight, Russia will become the world's RICHEST and most powerful empire.   Ironically, its new leader will NOT be a Russian.   Instead, a popular western leader (a unifying figure who can quickly reunite the world's richest economies) will rise from the ashes of the Flying Eagle to rule over the FINAL world-dominating empire.   The Beast / Anti-Christ will be considered a hero by most of humanity.   He will control the most advanced secret military technology.   His name will be associated with the number 666.   And he will implement a new financial system that requires people to receive a number on their right hand or on their foreheads.   BEWARE!   Do NOT accept the mark of the Beast or you will NOT be remembered by anyone. 


In its beginning, the last human empire will experience GREAT ABUNDANCE but their thriving prosperity will not endure.   During the last few years before the Return of Christ, the ecological disaster (caused by the asteroid) will worsen.   All life in our oceans will die.   But even after all of these horrible events have come to pass (just as prophesied) most people will scoff at the FORGOTTEN message of Christ.   And they will refuse to repent for their self-loving, self-centered animal nature.


Approximately three and a half years after the asteroid strike, Moses and Elijah will be murdered in the streets of Jerusalem.   Most of  humanity will celebrate.   But three and a half days later, the two prophets will rise from the dead.   Their resurrection will be the trigger event that causes a great number of  human beings to finally acknowledge the corruption of  human nature.   And they will realize that we desperately need a non-human Savior.   


After the two prophets are taken up into the clouds, the Sign of the Return of Christ will appear in the heavens.   Very soon thereafter, the most magnificent city to ever enter our universe will slowly descend toward our dieing planet.   


The healing light of the sun will increase in brightness seven fold without creating the heat that you would expect from such a glow.   New Jerusalem will land in the mountains of Israel.   And the earth will be miraculously healed.


Our planet will be given ONE FINAL millennium.


Sadly, even though The Christ will rule the earth from New Jerusalem, humanity will reject him again.   The human leaders of our world will proclaim that Christ and his angels are frauds.   Humans will say that the people of  New Jerusalem are aliens and/or devils who have highjacked Christianity in order to conquer and control us.   Humanity will believe that the asteroid was a weapon deliberately used against our planet.


When Christ and his angels freely offer to change us into perfect heavenly beings, the human leaders will say;   The alien devils are planning the extinction of humanity.   Do NOT let them change you!


After the brief  but FINAL battle, all imperfection will be destroyed.   And a new glorious era will begin.   An era of eternal righteousness throughout the cosmos.   


At that time, the earth will be completely melted and dissolved by the sun, but be of good cheer.   A new world is awaiting.   A new perfect world WITHOUT oceans but WITH something far greater:   ETERNAL HEAVENLY LOVE.   


Try for just a moment to imagine a perfect heavenly world that is CONTRARY to the nature of our survival of the fittest planet.


Try to imagine a place where ALL citizens truly love each other with a LOVE that is better than the love a human mother has for her own children.


In that perfect world, Christ's Laws of  Love are NOT judicial laws that imperfect people must TRY to obey.   Instead they are CONSTANT laws, like the laws of physics.   


Just as the law of gravity is written into the nature of our universe, likewise Christ's Laws of Love are written into the nature of  HIS  perfect heavenly world.


In Christ's perfect kingdom, fear does NOT exist because every creature truly loves each and every other creature MORE than they love themselves.   There are no dominated or oppressed.   No victors or victims.   No predators or prey.   No crime or fear.   No judicial system or police.   No military or wars.   No pain or tears.   No death.   And absolutely NO MONEY of any kind!


To enter Christ's heavenly world, the ancient scriptures are very clear that human beings must ASK to be COMPLETELY changed (both spiritually and physically) from corrupt temporary human beings to incorruptible eternal angels.


Perhaps you have heard the following words about our planet's final millennium when Christ will rule the earth from Mount Zion:   The lamb will lay down with the lion, and they will sleep together in peace.   The leopard and the ox will be led about by a playing child.   They will cause no pain on my holy mountain.


The ancient scriptures tell us that human nature is so CONTRARY to Heavenly Love, the full glory of  Christ's  perfect  world  cannot  be  understood  by  the  human  mind. 


Human beings are meat eating predatory animals!   


We look very much like the eternal angels but within we are like the fallen angels.


Simplified for the human animal mind;   

The SIMPLICITY OF CHRIST is a HEAVENLY LOVE so great, the rich do not oppress the poor, and the strong do not dominate the weak.   It is a love so true that people cannot and do not find satisfaction from being better, stronger, faster, richer, smarter, prettier, more popular, or more wise than others.


Perfect angels do NOT desire to be lifted above each other.   They are NEVER proud.   They do not envy.   They do not covet.   They are not easily provoked.   They do not gossip.   They do not backstab.   They do not bully.   They do not dominate.   And they NEVER lie or deceive. 


Perfect heavenly love ALWAYS seeks for the gain of others, NOT for the gain of self.


Perfect heavenly LOVE is kind, patient, well tempered, forgiving, gentle, and tender hearted.   


Christ's perfect heavenly LOVE can only be FULLY experienced by eternal angels who have the Holy Spirit, BUT it can be partially experienced by human beings who repentantly ASK for (and receive) Christ's Spirit of  Heavenly Love.


As JESUS said;   You will recognize my disciples by the heavenly LOVE they have for each other.  John 13:35


It is LOVE, NOT FAITH, that clearly distinguishes God's people.   


The scriptures are clear!  Without heavenly love, FAITH IS WORTHLESS!  1st Cor 13*


Two Thousand and thirty-six years ago The Lord of the Cosmos temporarily stepped down from his heavenly throne to live and die as a human being.   But our brutal world despised and rejected him as a fool.   Long before Christ came to earth as a human being, he knew that humanity would reject him.   Just before his crucifixion, even Christ's closest apostles abandoned him to protect themselves.  


There are MANY similar lessons in the Old and New Testaments.   For example;   God did not permit Moses to enter the earthly promise land to make the lesson repetitively clear:   No human being is worthy because no human being is good.   Not even Moses.


The God of gods is Eternal Heavenly Love.   His ONLY Son, The Christ, was the very first creation.   All authority was given to the King of  kings long before the earth was created.   The CHRIST is the BEING of an infinite God.


The most powerful and loving being in the Cosmos came to earth as a poor and lowly human being, and WE killed him.   It was not the Jews.   It was not the Romans.   It was humanity as a whole.   And our individual, self-loving, self-centered nature as human beings. 


Our most profound battle is NOT with the evil that exists in others.   Our most profound battle is with the selfishness that exists in ourselves.  


After Christ was freed from the chains of his human body,  he returned to his heavenly throne.   A few hundred years later, the Roman Empire turned to Christianity but it was NOT the forgotten Biblical message they embraced.   Instead, they accepted an earthly version of Christianity that makes BELIEVING and donating ten percent of  your MONEY more important than  HEAVENLY LOVE.


Through the generations, millions of counterfeit christians have changed Christ into a creature like the GODDESS OF LOVE.   A goddess who loves mankind.   A goddess who loves this world.   A goddess who thinks that nature is wonderful.   A goddess who mistakenly thinks that human beings are the children of God.   A goddess who mistakenly thinks that marriage is the symbol of  Heavenly Love even though Jesus clearly stated that marriage does NOT exist in Christ's heavenly world.   


Human beings are NOT the children of  God.   The Christ is the only true child of  God.   Adoption is what the Bible offers to repentant human beings.   And the scriptures are repetitively clear that God does NOT love this world.   As it is written:   Do NOT love this world.   If any man loves this world, the love of God is not in him. (1 John 2:15)    He who loves this world is the enemy of God. (James 4:4)    Christ came to deliver us from this present evil world. (Gal 1:4)


Why was Jesus hated?   The answer is clearly written.   Jesus said;   The world hates me because I testify that the works of this world are evil. (John 7:7)


So BEWARE of this world's religious leaders!   They have misinterpreted and mistranslated the Word of God since the very beginning!   


They   are   the   children   of   this   present   world,   so   they   focus,   speak,   and   teach   about   this   present   world.   


They are NOT led by the things of  heaven.   They are led by the things of  this corrupt TEMPORARY planet such as money and pride.   


Although they sometimes speak of love, their love is earthly not heavenly.


Instead of rejecting human nature, they embrace it.    


Instead of trying to overcome the natural human desire to be elevated above others, they use subtle means and flattering words to gain preeminence over each other.   


The scriptures are clear that Christ's people should be like little children, servants, brothers and sisters, NOT Lords, Doctors of Theology, Fathers, or Holy Mothers.   


Christ specifically told his people to refuse exalting titles but this world's religious leaders love their elevated position in the earthly hierarchy.


They adore the earthly hierarchy.   


They respect the proud and the rich.   


And they love to be respected by other human beings.


The simple reality is that they love THIS world, even though God's word is clear:   It is a contradiction to love both this world and Christ's perfect heavenly world because they are so contrary to each other.


The religious leaders of this world are the spiritually blind leaders of the spiritually blind, and as Jesus said, if the blind lead the blind they will all fall into a pit.


Listen to Christ's words about the Day of Judgment when those who are CONFIDENT that they are saved will learn that they are NOT:    


Jesus said;   On that day, MANY will say to me;   But Lord we have preached in YOUR NAME, and we have done many wonderful works in YOUR NAME?   But Christ will say to them;   Depart from me.   I never knew you.   Matt 7:21-23


What is their profound mistake?   The Bible's answer is very precise:   They love this temporary world more than the heavenly world.   And they serve THEIR father (the god of this world), instead of the Eternal Father (The God of  Heavenly Love).


To those of you who justify yourselves:   Yes OF COURSE some human beings are worse than others.   MANY are so full of hate they respond to nothing but death and violence.   But from the eternal perspective, judging ourselves by comparing ourselves to other corrupt human beings is a foolish waste of time.   We should instead, examine ourselves by comparing ourselves to perfect heavenly beings.   That is where true Biblical Repentance can be found.   


Open your ears and hear the following words that came directly from the mouth of God, and are sent to you:

My thoughts are not your thoughts, and my ways are not your ways.   As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.   All the nations of earth are less than nothing to me.   I am not of your world, and my kingdom is not of your world.   I have chosen the poor to shame the rich.   I have chosen the lowly to shame the proud.   And I have chosen the weak to shame the strong.   Come to me all of you who are exhausted and overburdened by this life, and I will give you rest.   Accept my direction and learn of me, for I am of a lowly and gentle spirit, and you will find rest for your souls.





As real Christians, our most sincere HOPE is to someday experience the full wonder of Christ's Love.   Our HOPE is to be freed from our human bodies,  AND  to be fully changed into glorious loving beings.   But the prophecies are VERY CLEAR that we will not be fully changed until Christ returns.   AND the scriptures are very clear that we do NOT have until then!   So, until Christ returns, come and experience (at least in part) his peaceful and cheerful Love with us today.


God is Heavenly Love.






* 1st Corinthians Chapter 13 is about Heavenly Love, but within the King James Translation of the Bible, the word for HEAVENLY LOVE was deliberately mistranslated to read CHARITY.   Was that deliberate mistranslation done to promote tithing?   Tithing is the misguided teaching that you should give 10% of your money to the business of religion.   

Read more about the above mistranslation (and many other mistranslations) on the  MISTRANSLATIONS PAGE  of this website.





The following pages are made up of a thousand Bible verses that clearly reveal the forgotten message of CHRIST.



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