Try, for just a moment, to imagine a world that is completely contrary to the nature of  your survival of  the fittest planet.


Try to imagine a place where ALL citizens truly love each other with a LOVE that is better than the love a human mother has for her own children.


In that perfect world, Christ's Laws of  Love are not judicial laws that human animals must try to obey.   Instead, they are constant laws, like your laws of physics.   


Just as the law of gravity is written into the nature of  your universe, likewise Christ's Laws of Love are written into the nature of  his perfect heavenly world.


In the new society of  heaven, every creature will truly love each and every other creature more than they love themselves so there will be no dominated or oppressed.   No victors or victims.   No predators or prey.   No crime or fear.   No judicial system or police.   No military or wars.   No pain or tears.   No death.   And absolutely NO MONEY of  any kind.


Your nature is the problem with your world.   


The ancient scriptures tell us that human nature is so contrary to Heavenly Love, the full glory of  Christ's  heavenly  world  has  never  even  entered  a  human  mind.


The ancient scriptures declare:  The things that are held in the highest regard by mankind are an abomination in the eyes of  God.  (Luke 16:15)


The list of  those abominable things is profound and consistent:   Money, Pride, Confidence, Domination, Victory, and Hierarchy.


Simplified for the human animal mind;   

The SIMPLICITY OF CHRIST is a HEAVENLY LOVE so great, the rich do not oppress the poor, and the strong do not dominate the weak.   It is a love so true that people cannot and do not find satisfaction from being better, stronger, faster, richer, smarter, prettier, or more popular than others.


Perfect eternal angels never desire to be lifted above each other.   They are never proud.   They do not envy.   They do not covet.   They are not easily provoked.   They do not gossip.   They do not backstab.   They do not bully.   They do not dominate.   And they never lie or deceive. 


Heavenly Love always seeks for the gain of others, not for the gain of self.


Perfect Heavenly LOVE is kind, patient, well tempered, forgiving, gentle, and tender hearted.   


Perfect Heavenly LOVE can be fully experienced only by eternal angels who have the Holy Spirit,  but it can be partially experienced by repentant human beings who ask for (and receive) Christ's Spirit of  Heavenly Love.


JESUS said;   You will recognize my disciples by the Heavenly LOVE they have for each other.  John 13:35


It is LOVE, NOT FAITH, that clearly distinguishes God's predestined lowly people.   


The scriptures are very clear!  Without heavenly love, FAITH IS WORTHLESS!  1st Cor 13*


Perhaps you have heard the following words about our planet's final millennium when Christ will rule the earth from Mount Zion:   Thus saith the Lord;  The lamb will lay down with the lion, and sleep together in peace.   The leopard and the ox will be led about by a playing child.   They will cause no pain on my holy mountain.   


During the last millennium on earth, Christ's Spirit of  Love will overwhelm every living creature within the mountains of  Mount Zion and the Mount of  Olives.   Atop those mountains is the place that the heavenly city of  New Jerusalem will land on earth.


Two thousand and thirty-six years ago The King of  the Multiverse temporarily stepped down from his heavenly throne, and came to earth as a human being but our brutal world despised him and his words. 


A few hundred years after Jesus was crucified, the Roman Empire turned to Christianity but it was NOT the suppressed and forgotten Biblical message they embraced.   Instead, they created an earthly version of  Christianity that focuses on believing and tithing instead of  HOPE and HEAVENLY  LOVE.   


Long before He came to earth as the human being Jesus, the Christ knew that humanity would reject him.   


Just before his crucifixion, even Jesus' closest apostles abandoned him to protect themselves.


This is the condemnation of  humanity:   The most loving and gentle being in the Cosmos came to earth as a poor and lowly human being, and WE killed him!   It was not the Jews!   It was not the Romans!   It was humanity as a whole, and our individual self-loving, self-justifying, self-centered animal nature.


Throughout the generations, millions of counterfeit christians have changed Christ into a creature just like the GODDESS OF LOVE.   Throughout history, The Goddess of  Love has been known by many names including:  Ashtaroth, Aphrodite, and Mother Nature but more importantly, she has been know by the name Jesus and before that, the name Jehovah.   It is Ashtaroth (NOT THE CHRIST) who loves this world.   It is Aphrodite (NOT THE CHRIST) who loves mankind.   It is Mother Nature (NOT THE CHRIST) who thinks that the nature of  your planet is wonderful.


Goddess of  Love  based religions have always been the most popular and profitable mainstream religions.


It is, and always has been, within the human imagination to create gods that are like human beings.   It is, and always has been, within human nature to imagine gods that glorify human beings.   For example;  Baal was the mainstream god of  ancient Biblical history (almost 4000 years ago).   The ancient word Baal literally defined means lord and husband.   His wife Ashtaroth was the goddess of  love.   Your foolish religious leaders will tell you that Baal and his wife were Wicked Pagan Devils, and yes of course there have been extremists associated with every religion, but the mainstream religion of  4000 years ago was very much like the popular religions of  today.   Balaam worshipped the relationship between man, woman, and child as godly and holy.   In other words, they worshipped humanity and the god of  humanity.  But the God of the Bible is not like a human being, and He does not have a wife.   Jesus clearly stated that marriage does not exist in heaven.   And the Bible is repeatedly clear that human beings are not holy.


The foolish idea that human beings are holy is the literally the opposite of  real repentance.


After they left Egypt with Moses, the most self-righteous of  the Hebrew people united together and declared that they were "holy".   Shortly thereafter, the earth opened up and swallowed them, and fire came down from heaven and devoured their leaders. (Numbers chapter 16)


Repentance is not a momentary ritual for claiming forgiveness.   It is a profound way of rejecting your nature and the nature of  your world.


Jesus said:   If you do not hate your own life, you cannot be my disciple.  (Luke 14:26)


As it is written:   Jesus gave his life to deliver us from this present evil world.  (Galatians 1:4)


The scriptures warn us:   Do not love this world.   If any man loves this world, the love of God is not in him. (1 John 2:15)    


He who loves this world is the enemy of God.  (James 4:4)    


About himself, Jesus said;   I am not of  this world.   And my kingdom is not of  this world.  (John 8:23 & John 18:36)


Jesus said;   This world hates me because I testify that the works of  this world are evil.  (John 7:7)


Contrary to popular christianity, Jesus specifically said;   I do NOT pray for this world.  (John 17:9)


Self-righteous human nature does not want to hear that it is wrong.   Human nature does not want to hear that its world is wrong.   Human nature is contrary to the truth.   Human nature is opposed to the truth.


Human beings scoff  at the forgotten message of  The Christ because it is, and always has been, within their nature to do so.   


Even though the Word of  God is (by nature) foolish to the human mind, Christ's predestined few will hear his message, and eventually they will come to embrace it.   They will still be alive a trillion years from now, but most of  humanity will be completely forgotten.   Lovers of  humanity will claim that only an unjust God would allow most to die, but is it not the god of  your world (is it not your mother nature) who requires the death of  every living creature?   So how can it be shocking to you that a just God would allow the unjust to die?   God will have mercy upon some animals but that does not mean that He must have mercy upon us all.


Most of  humanity is unaware that, throughout Biblical history until this very day,  ALL of God's messengers have been hated and persecuted  because  of  their  words.   Most of them were beaten, imprisoned, and/or murdered.   AND, it was always the self-righteous religious zealots who were most guilty of  the crimes committed against God's repentant people.


Noah was mocked and ridiculed as he built the arc.   Abraham was considered a fool before he abandoned his nation.   Moses would have been murdered if  not for miracles. 


Why do you think that Jesus was so hated?   What do you think he said that provoked so much hatred and violence?   


Why do you think that Jesus was falsely convicted, slowly tortured, and brutally murdered?


Are you one of  the fools who point the finger at the Jews instead of  the nature of  all people, including yourself?   


When the heavenly city of  New Jerusalem descends to earth, one of  it's twelve magnificent gates will have the following name boldly carved into it:   The Gate of  Judah.   Jesus was born a Jew.   It was the leaders of  religion who Jesus condemned most, and it was the leaders of  religion who deceitfully conspired to have Jesus crucified.


About the leaders of  religion, the scriptures say:   They are not the children of  heaven.   They  are  the  children of  this present world so they focus, speak, and preach about this present world.   


They are not led by the things of  heaven.   They are led by the things of  this temporary planet such as money and pride.   


Although they sometimes preach about love, their love is earthly not heavenly.


They are animals just like the beasts of  the jungle.   


Even the beasts of the jungle love their own.  


The Devil himself  loves his own but his love is earthly, not heavenly.


The scriptures are clear that (towards each other) Christ's people should be like little brothers and sisters, little children, and servants NOT Lords or Doctors of  Theology, NOT Fathers or  Holy Mothers.   


Christ specifically told his people to refuse flattering and exalting titles but this world's religious leaders love their elevated position in the earthly hierarchy.


They are proud of  their elevating titles, and they are so foolishly sure that God loves them, they cannot perceive the Lord's most simple instructions.


Instead of  trying to overcome the natural human desire to be elevated above each other, they use subtle means and flattering words to gain preeminence over their followers.  


This world's religious leaders foolishly consider themselves to be righteous, but worse than that, they desire to be seen as righteous in the eyes of  other human animals. 


All of  their foolishness lives within human nature.   It lives within each and every one of  us.   But instead of rejecting human nature, they embrace it.   Instead of  despising human nature, they adore it.


Listen to Christ's words about the Day of  Judgment when those who are CONFIDENT that they are saved will learn that they are NOT:    


Jesus said;   On that day, many will plead with me and ask:   But Lord, we have preached in YOUR NAME, and we have done many wonderful works in YOUR NAME?   But Christ will say to them;   Depart from me.   I never knew you.   Matt 7:21-23


What is their profound and costly mistake?   The Bible's answer is VERY PRECISE!   They love this temporary world more than the heavenly world.   And they serve their father (the god of this world), instead of the Eternal Father (The God of  Heavenly Love).


God is Heavenly Love.   Theos esti Agape.


Open your ears and open your hearts, and hear the following words that came directly from the mouth of  the  only  Savior.   He is your only hope, and these words are pointed directly at YOU:

Thus saith the Lord;   I am not of  your world, and my kingdom is not of  your world.   All the nations of earth are less than nothing to me.   My thoughts are NOT your thoughts, and my ways are NOT your ways.   As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.   I have chosen the poor to shame the rich.   I have chosen the lowly to shame the proud.   And I have chosen the weak to shame the strong.   Come to me, all of you who are exhausted and overburdened by this life, and I will give you rest.   Accept my direction and learn of me, for I am of a lowly and gentle spirit, and you will find rest for your souls.





*  1st Corinthians Chapter 13 is about Heavenly Love, but within the King James Translation of the Bible, the ancient Greek word for HEAVENLY LOVE (Agape) was deliberately mistranslated to read CHARITY.   Was that deliberate mistranslation done to promote tithing?   Tithing is the misguided teaching that you should give 10% of your money to the business of religion.   Read more about this mistranslation and many others on the  MISTRANSLATIONS PAGE  of this website.



Your time on earth is extremely short.   Your life as a human being is like a puff of smoke that appears for a moment but then it is gone.   


What good is it for you to gain the whole world only to lose life? 


Even during this very short time on earth, Heavenly Love offers far more than money can buy.


Reject your nature and ask for Christ's Spirit of  Heavenly Love.  






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