An asteroid, the size of a mountain, will slam into the sea.  Your whole planet will shake violently.   


From a kilometer-wide underwater crater, the inferno will rage, but the pride of  humanity can't be broken in one day.   


Your arrogant species will not repent, even when Moses and Elijah are re-sent.


Over the last 5000 years, your people have repeatedly beaten, imprisoned, and/or murdered most of  the Lord's messengers, including The Lord Christ Himself. 


The people who were delivered from ancient Egypt would have murdered Moses in the desert if not for divine intervention.  Your species mocked Noah as he built the arc.  Your forefathers ran Abraham out of  his country.  They threw Daniel into a lion's pit.   They lowered Jeremiah into a dungeon.  Your wicked species beheaded John the Baptist.  You stoned Stephen, and you crucified THE LORD OF HEAVEN when he temporarily stepped down from his heavenly throne to live and die as the human being Jesus of  Nazareth.  


This time will be no different.   Humanity will celebrate when Moses and Elijah are murdered in the streets of  Jerusalem.   


Human nature is opposed to the truth.   Human beings (by their very nature) are repelled by the truth.   


You are self-centered, self-loving, meat-eating predatory animals, and most of you are proud of  it. 


Not a single one of  you is worthy of eternity.


Isn't it ironic that you live on a planet that is FULL of  beings that EAT EACH OTHER but you cannot recognize that your world is part of  the Dark Side?  Instead of acknowledging the obvious, you foolishly believe the opposite.  You foolishly believe that human beings are the children of  God because you foolishly imagine God to be like a human being.  The ancient scriptures are repetitively clear that human beings are contrary to God.  The ancient scriptures are very clear that human beings are wicked earthly animals not heavenly beings.  In the ancient scriptures, you are referred to as locusts and poisonous snakes.  Both Jesus and John the Baptist called you "vipers".   


About himself, JESUS clearly and directly stated to his apostles;  I am not of  your world and my kingdom is not of your world.  Both James and John clearly warn that you absolutely should NOT love the current world that you live in.  To be precisely clear, they both said that human beings who love your world are the enemies of God.  (John 18:36  -  John 17:14,16  -  John 15:19  -  John 8:23  -  James 4:4  -  1st John 2:15)


You may consider yourself to be a loving being but you have absolutely no understanding of  "Heavenly Love".   Earthly love is corrupted by the love of self and it is completely inferior to Heavenly Love.   Heavenly Love is perfect, selfless, and infinite.  Human love is motivated by the instinctual drive to propagate your dysfunctional survival of  the fittest species.  Human love may be the best your world has to offer but Heavenly Love cannot be fully understood by even the very best human beings.  You think that it is a Godly quest to find a soul mate even though the scriptures are clear that marriage does not exist in heaven.  In heaven, all Christ's people are soul-mates.  The entire society of  heaven is a single family of  Christ.  In your world, the best of you cannot love a single person as well as the righteous angels love each other.  Your family units may be the best your world has to offer but in God's eyes they are clans and tribes of selfish animals who often betray each other for money.


Your middle and upper classes surround themselves with friends who need little or no help.  At the same time, they drastically underpay their disadvantaged hired servants.  Instead of guilt, they feel pride.   


YOU turn your eyes from the plight of  the poor as you heap treasures upon yourselves.  You pay bribes to your counterfeit versions of  God but your tithes will gain you nothing, and the crumbs you give to the poor will earn you nothing.


Contrary to your flattering religious doctrine, The Lord REGRETTED the creation of  mankind. (Genesis Chapter 6) 


Since the beginning of human history, your world's religious leaders have misinterpreted and mistranslated the ancient scriptures.  John 3:16 is the most egregiously mistranslated verse of  the entire Bible.  The Almighty Christ is not a part of  your world and He certainly does not love your world.  Your world will be completely consumed by your sun and your species will be extinct.




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