An asteroid, the size of a mountain, will slam into the sea.  Your whole planet will shake violently.   


From the colossal underwater crater, the inferno will rage, but the pride of  humanity can't be broken in one day.   


Your arrogant species will not repent, even when Moses and Elijah are sent.


Your people have always been opposed to the Lord's message, and you have always persecuted the Lord's messengers.   


Over the last 5000 years, you have repeatedly beaten, imprisoned and/or murdered most of  the Lord's messengers, including the Lord Christ himself. 


This time will be NO different.   Humanity will celebrate when Moses and Elijah are murdered in the streets of  Jerusalem.   


Human nature is opposed to the truth.   Human beings are repelled by the truth.   


You are self-centered, self-loving, meat-eating, aggressive predatory animals.   Not a single one of  you is worthy of eternity.   


Your people (but especially your rich) like to portray themselves as loving beings but they surround themselves with friends who need no help, while at the same time they severely underpay their disadvantaged hired servants.    


You turn your eyes from the plight of  the poor as you heap treasures upon yourselves.   You pay bribes to your counterfeit versions of  God but your tithings will gain you nothing, and the crumbs you give to the poor will earn you nothing.



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