An asteroid, the size of a mountain, will slam into the sea.   Your whole planet will shake violently.   


From the colossal underwater crater, the inferno will rage, but the pride of  humanity can't be broken in one day.   


Your arrogant species will not repent even when Moses and Elijah are sent.


The two prophets will be murdered like so many before.   And then what will humanity do?


Celebrate!   That's what they'll do!   


But three days later you'll know what is true. 


Fools and wicked, that's what you are.   That fact can't be changed by one falling star.   


Sores, blood, and madness.   Your seas will die.   Blistering heat, great darkness, and war.   


What is the reason for all of this horror?   


Look within yourselves.    


It's all because of  YOU, and your religious leaders.   Of course they will say;   


What have WE done, to so anger the Lord?


They are so foolish and blind.   


Open your hearts, and open your eyes.   It is human nature that murdered GOD's ONLY SON.


Why do you think human beings love all of  their flattering lies?


Just give them ten percent and confess the Lord's name?   Do you really think He's that shallow and vain?   


He's nothing like they've told you.   He's nothing like they say.    


Their kind have been misleading the world for thousands of years.   


But it's never been worse than today.






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