An asteroid, the size of a mountain, will slam into the sea.  Your whole planet will shake violently.   


From the colossal underwater crater, the inferno will rage, but the pride of  humanity can't be broken in one day.   


Your arrogant species will not repent, even when Moses and Elijah are sent.


You have always been opposed to God's message, and your people have always persecuted God's messengers.   Over the last 5000 years, your species has beaten, imprisoned and/or murdered most of  the Lord's messengers, including the Lord Christ himself. 


This time will be NO different.   Humanity will celebrate when Moses and Elijah are murdered in the streets of  Jerusalem.   


Your nature is opposed to the truth.   Your people are repelled by the truth.   


You are self-centered, self-loving, meat-eating, aggressive predatory animals.   Not a single one of  you is worthy of eternity.


Don't be like the many fools who blame the Jews or the current reigning empire.   


It is YOUR nature that opposes the Christ.   It is your nature, and the nature of  your entire planet that is wrong.


Listen to this profound verse;   The things that are held in the highest regard by mankind are an abomination in the eyes of  God.  (Luke 16:15)


The list of  those abominable things is profound and consistent:   Money, Pride, Confidence, Victory, Dominance, and Hierarchy.


Wake up!  And stop listening to your world's religious leaders!  They are temporary creatures from your foolish temporary planet so they focus, speak, and teach about your world instead of  focusing on the perfect eternal world that has been promised for thousands of years.   Your religious leaders are blind to the heavenly world because they adore your world.   Yes they are honored, respected, and loved by your world but they reject the simple truth that your survival of  the fittest planet is completely contrary to heaven.   Nature as you know it (your nature) is completely contrary to the King of  Heaven.   


The Eternal Lord stepped down from his heavenly throne and came to earth as Jesus of  Nazareth, and you killed him.


Try for just a moment to imagine an alien world where all citizen's truly love each other with a love that is better than the love a human mother has for her own children.


In that perfect world, Jesus' Laws of  Love are not judicial laws that human animals must TRY to obey.   Instead, they are constant laws, like your laws of physics.   


Just as the law of gravity is written into the nature of  your universe, likewise Christ's Laws of Love are written into the nature of  his perfect heavenly people.


Forget all of  the cliché religious ideas that you have heard about heaven.   Heaven is not a retirement haven for human beings.   Heaven existed for trillions of  years before the first human being arose from the muck.


Heaven is the oldest and most advanced civilization in the Cosmos, and it's PEOPLE are simply called angels.


In Christ's perfect heavenly world there are no dominated or oppressed.   No victors or victims.   No predators or prey.   No crime or fear.   No judicial system or police.   No military or wars.   No pain or tears.   No death, and absolutely NO MONEY of  any kind. 


Human nature is so contrary to the truth, the full glory of  the heavenly world has never entered a human mind.


Billions of years ago, there was a great ideological battle in heaven.   Two-thirds of the angels were devoted to Christ system of  Heavenly Love but the other third believed that a survival of the fittest system would be better for the Cosmos.  


It was the rebellious angels (not the Lord) who called for the creation of  your planet.   


For billions of  years the righteous angels watched your brutal planet in horror, but the rebellious angels would not repent.   Instead of taking responsibility for their own flawed ideology, they blamed humanity for the earth's shortcomings.   To make the rebellious angels experience humanity firsthand, they were cast out of  heaven and banished to live and die as human beings on the brutal planet that they themselves proposed.   In the Book of  Genesis, they are called the fallen sons of  the gods.   Some people call them the fallen angels.


Unlike imperfect earthly love, perfect Heavenly Love is selfless.


Simplified for the human animal mind;   

The simplicity of  Christ is a HEAVENLY LOVE so great, the rich do not oppress the poor, and the strong do not dominate the weak.   It is a love so true that people cannot and do not find satisfaction from being better, stronger, faster, richer, smarter, prettier, or more popular than others.


Perfect angels never desire to be lifted above each other.   They are never proud.   They do not envy.   They do not covet.   They are not easily provoked.   They do not gossip.   They do not backstab.   They do not dominate.   They do not bully.   And they never lie or deceive. 


Perfect Heavenly Love always seeks for the gain of others, not for the gain of self.


Heavenly LOVE is kind, patient, well tempered, forgiving, gentle, and tender hearted.   


Perfect Heavenly Love can be fully experienced ONLY by eternal angels who have the Holy Spirit,  but it can be partially experienced by repentant human beings who ask for (and receive) Christ's Spirit of  Heavenly Love.


As JESUS said;   You will recognize my disciples by the Heavenly Love they have for each other.  John 13:35


It is Heavenly Love, NOT FAITH, that clearly distinguishes God's predestined human beings.   


The scriptures are very clear!  Without heavenly love, FAITH IS WORTHLESS!  1st Cor 13


This is the reality:   Your religious leaders have sold you a very popular but false religious doctrine for their own personal gain.   Their twisted version of god thinks that personal gain is godly but personal gain does not exist in heaven.


Contrary to your world's most fundamental religious teaching, human beings are NOT the children of God, and they will never be forgiven for believing in the Lord's name.   They will not be forgiven for treating their successful friends and relatives with dignity and respect.   Nor will any human being be forgiven for bowing down and/or praying.   The Lord is not an egomaniac.   He is not like vain human beings who long to be praised.   


The Lord gets absolutely no satisfaction when human animals pay tribute to him, nor is he pleased when human beings give him credit for their self-centered shallow accomplishments.   


There is only ONE metaphorical pathway to heaven.   The entrance gate to that narrow path opens ONLY to those who oppose their earthly nature.   All other pathways lead to death, and as you already know, every living thing on your planet dies.   The god of  your planet loves death and renewal.   Euphemistically called the circle of  life, your death based system exploits the naive and foolish energy of  youth.


So why would the Lord save any of you?   As it is written;  He does it for his own reasons and for his own purposes.


The Lord chooses the poor to shame the rich.   He chooses the weak to shame the strong, and he has chooses the meek to shame the proud. 


The victims of  your world experience injustice first hand but the victors of  your world love to have it so.   


After the asteroid strike, your skies will be darkened by the smoke that rages from the colossal underwater crater.   During the darkest days, it will be dark at noon.   The thick layers of smoke will work like a greenhouse and your planet will begin to heat up.   When the smoke fades the moon will appear blood red through the toxic haze.   Famine and disease will begin to spread.   Catastrophic aftershocks (far worse than any earthquakes you've known) will go on for months, and your coastlines will be decimated by tsunamis.   The crust of  your planet will be compromised allowing deadly poisons to SLOWLY permeate upward into all of  your natural water supplies.   Within three and a half  years of  the asteroid impact, your oceans will completely die.   The poisonous water and the blistering heat will lead to madness.   ALL life on your planet would quickly become extinct if  not for Christ's return, but He will return, and He will heal your planet.   Until then, be most certain about this one thing;   The Christ will NOT return as a human being!   He will NEVER be a human being again!   This time His coming will not be a subtle event.   As Christ's heavenly city descends from space, every eye on your planet will watch with great astonishment.


Sadly, your people have no idea who the Christ is really is.   The one and only Christ has been the Lord of  Heaven for trillions of  years.   2037 short years ago, the eternal Christ stepped down from his heavenly throne to live and die on your planet as a human being, but your foolish species rejected him as a fool.   A few hundred years later, the Roman Empire turned to Christianity but it was NOT the suppressed and forgotten biblical message that they embraced.   They created an earthly version of  Christianity that focuses on BELIEVING and tithing instead of  Judgment, Hope and Heavenly Love.   JUDGEMENT because you and your world have been judged.   HOPE because the Lord's predestined people will Hope for mercy, and they will HOPE to be physically changed from corrupt creatures into perfect heavenly creatures who are fit for Christ's perfect heavenly world.   But most important of all, and most specifically, Hope for perfect HEAVENLY LOVE.   God is Heavenly Love.  


BUT UNDERSTAND THIS:  No human being will be fully changed into a perfect heavenly creature until New Jerusalem is descending to earth!   Today, you can partially experience Heavenly Love on earth if you repent for  your nature and receive the Spirit of  Heavenly Love, but your current nature is so contrary to Christ that even with the Holy Spirit you cannot fully understand or fully experience the perfection of Heavenly Love because of your corrupt human bodies.   You must be physically changed from a corrupt human being to a perfect eternal angel.


As the most magnificent city in all the cosmos (New Jerusalem) slowly descends from space, the Lord's prepared people (from every nations) will rise up to meet Him in the air.  Then, as it is written;   In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, they will be changed, and then they will return with Christ (and the other Holy Angels) with the city of  New Jerusalem.   Before New Jerusalem lands in the mountains of Israel landing, for many days it will very slow descend toward earth so every human eye will see it as the earth rotates by much like you see the sun each day.   In other words, New Jerusalem will not rotate with the earth until it has landed on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.   During that period of time, there will be a magnificent cool glow from your sun.   The sun will magnify to seven times it's current brightness and your dieing planet will be miraculously healed right before your eyes, but sadly, most of  your leaders will not be changed.   Instead they will believe that the Christ and his angels are frauds who have deceitfully hijacked your religion in order to conquer and control your people.   In time, your planet's religious and military leaders will become emboldened, and they will proclaim that the asteroid was a weapon deliberately used against humanity.   They will spread the rumor that the alien devils of New Jerusalem have planned the extinction of  humanity,   And they will prepare a final assault.   In the end, there will be a very brief  battle, and all imperfection will be destroyed.   Your planet will be evaporated by your sun, but do not be dismayed.   There will be a new world, a new heaven, and the beginning of  a new era.   An era of  eternal righteousness throughout the cosmos.


Today, the religious leaders of  your world (from every nation) blame their ancient forefathers for the persecution of God's messengers, and just as their forefathers before them did, they foolishly ask;   What have WE done to so anger the Lord?  


The answer is simple.


They love your corrupt temporary world so much that they changed the Christ and drowned his ancient message of  judgment, mercy, hope, and HEAVENLY LOVE.


The Christ is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like they've told you.   He is absolutely nothing like they say.    


Their kind have been misleading your world for more than five thousand years but it's never been worse than today.






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